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Turned out his old friend was an early investor in Mac Donald's scheme.

As I transfigure my captive into an action figure, a part of me wonders why I got myself back into this type of situation.

A lot of people were also outraged with Hermione's character in Mercenary.

Personally, I believe it is because they are all lusting after Emma Watson which is completely understandable.

The bolt of magical energy flew over my left shoulder to splash harmlessly against the outcropping of rock 10 metres behind me.

I roll in the sand to my right, ignoring the small jabs of pain from the small rocks as I concentrate on the wizard in front of me.

However, without Harry and Ron's influence on Hermione I believe she would have developed into an anal-retentive rules monger and authority sycophant that would have appealed to Percy Weasley.

If you had an issue with her portrayal in Mercenary you may want to stop reading now.

The French Aurors stopped her before she completed her sixth of the seven required rituals although not soon enough to spare victim number six., generated a huge amount of reviews outraged that Dumbledore's crowd won or got away with betraying Harry.Well, your wish is granted and here is the second part of the story.This makes the tenth professional bounty I've picked up.It would have been fifteen but that damn Korean and his insane Texan partner are great trackers.

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